Don Rodrigo Sourdough Bakery

Rodrigo Ardiles and Katrin Hiller first met in Thames, before moving to Nelson. While Rodrigo loved being a chef, he and Katrin were keen to start their own business and started baking bread in a small commercial kitchen in Lansdowne Rd that they converted to a bakery in 2012. They worked very hard (and still do) baking bread products and selling them.

With the success has come further expansion. They opened a shop at the Richmond Mall in 2015 so now you can also buy their beautiful sandwiches, filled rolls and other treats. And, of course you are able to buy their breads, cracker bread, doughnuts, bagels and tarts at the mall shop too.

You will find Rodrigo's New Zealand Sourdough Bakery's shop on the entrance to the mall beside Guyton's where they serve food using as many local products as possible.