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Published on: Jul 13, 2020

Q. How long have you been involved in cooking and serving up #Vietnamese food?
A. I have been cooking and serving up Vietnamese food for over 20 years. I have been based in Nelson, New Zealand for the last 6 years and also spent time cooking in Wellington, New Zealand , and in my home country of Vietnam.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. I love the process of cooking Vietnamese food from scratch to create authentic dishes full of flavour. I enjoy serving up the best locally made Vietnamese food to the Nelson people.

Q. What is great about having Lime located at Richmond Mall ?
A. At Richmond Mall there is a variety of food options to cater to all taste preferences. We are excited to offer Vietnamese as an option. It’s also great to be a part of the local community. Richmond Mall is definitely the place for everyone.

Q. What’s your favourite thing to do in the region when you're not working?
A. I love to get out fishing and eating our fresh catch.

Q. What is your favourite place to shop or eat at Richmond Mall (apart from your own of course)?
A. Its great to start the day with a coffee from the team at Muffin Break NZ

In the photo above is Anh Phan, next time you are at Lime tell him you saw his photo on our website.

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Q. What're your most popular items on the menu?

A. In no particular order:
- Pad Thai
- Chicken and Pork Steamed Buns
- Our Famous Noodle Soup (this is a must-try)
- Pork Spring Rolls
- Sweet and Sour Pork Belly
- Grilled Dumplings

Q. What do you love most about #Vietnamese food?
A. It's so healthy and fresh. All of our dishes aren’t thick, oily or creamy. You feel great after eating our food.

Q. What do you offer on the menu that people might not know about?
A. Our brand new Five Spice Chicken Wings. We highly recommend you come and try them for yourself.

Q. Tell us about your delicious homemade Pai Thai and Steamed Buns.
A. Both of these dishes are made from scratch and cooked to order. This ensures the food is as fresh and tasty as possible. Our Steamed Buns are light and fluffy and filled with sesame chicken or pork belly and both served with our signature sauce.

Q. What's the key to making the most delicious Vietnamese food in the region?
A. It's all about sourcing the best ingredients possible. For example, we get our rice paper rolls from Vietnam. You can't buy them in New Zealand and we didn’t want to settle for second best. Come and try them for yourself, you can taste the difference. We also make all of our dishes to order so they are as fresh as possible.

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It's so good

I could bathe in the sweet and sour pork belly! Sooo good!

Fantastic food

The cinnamon pork bao buns are amazing!

Their deep-fried spring rolls are awesome. Love on a plate right there.

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