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Published on: Jul 06, 2020

Q. How long have you been a baker and been involved in baking sourdough bread?
A. I started on my birthday 2 years ago, just before Christmas! Right into the deep end, but I like it busy!

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. I love making contacts and spending time with people. Making people happy selling a product I love eating myself.

Q. What is great about having Don Rodrigo Sourdough Bakery located at Richmond Mall?
A. The convenience that you can get your favourite breads fresh baked every day while you get all your other shopping done.

Q. What’s your favourite thing to do in the region when you're not working?
A. I enjoy riding my bike and hiking to places in the area with my family and friends. Coffee dates with my son are a weekly ritual, we go to a different local cafe every time.

Q. What is your favourite place to shop or eat at Richmond Mall (apart from your own of course)?
A. Lily&May and The Cheesecake Shop NZ Richmond. Essential whenever there is something to celebrate!

In the photo above is some of the wonderful team from Don Rodrigo Sourdough Bakery. From left to right we have Fanette, Anne and Pei Chin. Next time you see them in-store tell them you saw their photo on Facebook.

Q. Tell us a bit about the history of Don Rodrigo Sourdough Bakery and your local roots?
A. We arrived in Nelson, New Zealand about 10 years ago hitting the ground running. Giving birth to our twin sons and the bakery grounds us deep in the community. It all started with a roadside honesty box at Neudorf Road…This is home.

Q. What're your most popular items?
A. Our most popular item is the Sunshine Sourdough Loaf. 100% sunny Nelson Sourdough, just really good white bread for Kiwi families.

Q. What do you love most about Sourdough bread?
A. So many things! But taste beats all! Then its oh so healthy and satisfying very versatile, crusty, chewy, very popular with kids … the list goes on.

Q. We know during the lockdown lots of people tried to make their own sourdough bread. Do you have any tips or suggestions for them?
A. Unlearn to knead the dough, instead gently shape and fold to keep all the precious air inside. That gets you a nice texture and better rise.

Q. What baked goods do you sell that people might not know about?
A. We make amazing fresh sourdough sandwiches, most popular the house made pulled pork, toasted to melt the cheese. Top fuel.

Q. Tell us all about your sourdough doughnuts?
A. They are like little pets, always going to a good home we have a flavour for every mood and nationality…. and for any time in the day

Q. What's the key to making the most delicious sourdough baked goods in the region?
A. The key is Rodrigo and his team of bakers, they’ve got the touch! Sourdough can be stubborn, lots of passion, care and patience goes into making of all our products.

In this photo above are Katrin and her husband Rodrigo. Next time you see them in-store tell them you saw their photo on our website

Great breads and friendly service always

Delicious bread and super friendly staff, all of them!

The team are always a pleasure to purchase from.

Best bread etc ever

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