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Published on: Aug 03, 2019

Q. How long have you been working at Ambrosia Cafe?
A. 17 years

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. The people! Every day is different. Everyone has a story and working in hospitality you get to meet and get to know amazing people.

Q. What is great about having Ambrosia Cafe located at Richmond Mall?
A. The entrance to the mall is great! We are fortunate to have the best courtyard for outdoor dining.

Q. What’s your favourite thing to do in the region when you're not working?
A. Working on our lifestyle block, I am happy in my gumboots !!

Q. Where do you like to shop or eat at Richmond Mall?
A. The Underground, Richmond Mall for clothes and Lily & May for beautiful flowers

Q. There are lots of delicious options to choose from in the cabinet, what do you recommend?
A. For a sweet treat, our raspberry raw slice!! It is perfect in every way

Q. What’s the key to making the perfect coffee?
A. The correct grind and dose of coffee along with the right temperature and consistency of your milk.

Q. What’re your most popular menu items at the moment?
A. Breakfast is always a winner. Also, our chicken and bacon bagel is very popular

Q. What goes into making the best-cooked breakfast in Richmond, NZ?
A. Love! I always tell my staff to put the love into everything

Q. What do you offer on the menu that people might not know about?
A. Our special dietary options, like our gluten free dairy free pancakes. Also, our customers should feel free to ask for any special requirements and we will do our best to deliver

I love the vibe at ambrosia cafe, the consistency in amazing food and great coffee. All staff are fantastic and you receive excellent customer service every time 😍 love bringing my daughter in for a fluffy

Amazing staff, great food, best coffee, beautiful setup/style and most of all they always remember the coffee you want! 😍

Only place to go ... amazing cake and slice selection ... great Coffee and today was an amazing smoothie. Topped off by friendly staff and great relaxed setting 🍰☕️❤️

The friendly staff are an asset Ambrosia Cafe Seriously great food and divine hot cofee - you cant loose !! Always a pleasure to meet friends and family there a couple of times every week

Ambrosia is a favourite because of it's delicious coffee and fresh delectable food choices, my favourite is the carrot cake, it is absolutely the best in town and probably NZ.☺️

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